Welcome to ConferenceEra

ConferenceEra is initiated to organize international scientific and technological conferences globally with an idea to arrange face to face interaction between expertises and researchers working in same fields or in interdisciplinary research. Our object is to address the aggregate objectives of academic group, particularly in trading the thoughts which encourages development of research and science.

The conferences organized by ConferenceEra covers a wide series of subjects like Science, Technology, Medical, Pharma, Clinical and Engineering. ConferenceEra endorse the exchange of pioneering thoughts, promoting scientific discussions and the free exchange of innovative debates among attendees and participants. We encourage all researchers, students including post docs and graduate students, to attend the conferences in their respective research field.

Our conferences present the opportunity for direct communication between the budding researchers and highly affiliated personalities to gain knowledge. The B2B meetings that are arranged during the conference will provide best platform to develop new partnership, collaborations worldwide and can build up business associations.

Upcoming Conferences 2020